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* ASIC technologies: chips and modules *
 DDS ( DDFS, NCO ) links:
DDS: Direct Digital Synthesis = point(memory location)-skipping at constant update(clock)-rate  [ vs. traditional PPC (point-per-clock) synthesis at variable clock-rate ]
 DDFS: Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis
 NCO: Numerically Controlled Oscillator
 ASIC: Application-Specific Integrated Circuits
 FPGA: Field-Programmable Gate Array
 DAC: Digital to Analog Converter

Analog Devices - DDS info center,2879,770%255F843%255F0%255F%255F0%255F,00.html
         1 GSPS DDS -,,AD9858,00.html
Fairchild (Raytheon Electronics) - Coordinate Transformer, Digital Synthesizer (Digital video processors)
      Logic Devices: (Arithmetics Funtions)
Intel (Stanford Telecom) - Frequency Synthesis Products
ITT Microwave Systems (Mw/Sys/Div of Stanford Telecom) (Synthesizers)
Intersil (Harris Semi) - DSP Function-Specific ICs
Meret Optical Comm - Sciteq Family of Synthesizer Products

Osicom Technologies (Sciteq Com) - Synthesizers  
Qualcomm - Direct Digital Synthesizers ( search : DDS - no result ...)
TI acquires Graychip - Digital Tuners (Wireless and Telecomm)
      Hunt Eng:
      DDS using FPGA
Zarlink Semi (Mitel Semi | Plessey Semi) (search: NCO)

Altera - NCO
Lattice Semi - NCO
Mentor Graphics - NCO, DDS
QuickLogic - Modulating DDS in an FPGA
Xilinx - Direct Digital Synthesizer LogiCORE
        Locator for IP Solutions
        CORE Generator and IP Updates
        Frequency Synthesis Techniques
        Numerically Controlled Oscillator
 Free-LIB1 core (NCO)

Anacad - Frequency Synthesis
APS - Programmable Direct Digital Synthesis Module
Herley-Metraplex - Oscillators & Synthesizers
Novatech Instruments - DDS Signal Sources
Philips - DDSGEN: a full-featured DDS-based generator (R. Lacoste)
SpinCore Tech. - PulseBlasterDDS(tm)
Texas - RF Transmitter Chip Integrates DDS
         ISM Band Family (single-chip RF transmitter, RF transceiver)
Vitcom - DDS
Electronic Products Online ( search : DDS, NCO)

Digital Frequency Synthesis Demystified (B. Goldberg)
Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizers (edited by F. Kroupa) (search: DDS)
Look-up table based frequency synthesizers
SSS Online - DDS Stuff
Direct Digital Synthesis (M. Pechanec)
A Software Radio Bibliography: DDS
Pioneering EE Patents: Digital Signal Generator Synthesizer (J. Webb)
Digital Frequency Synthesizer (R. Ottosen)
NCO using a microcontroller
Reducing of Spurious Frequencies in DDS (M. Hollreiser, L. Fanucci)
FPGA Implementation of Sine and Cosine Generators using the CORDIC Algorithm (Vladimirova/Tiggeler)
An agile, low-power digitally synthesized sinewave generator (G. Chang et al.)
Conception et intégration d’un synthétiseur digital direct micro-ondes en technologie silicium SiGe (S. Thuries)
DDFS - project   (a "poor-mans" DDS )
A PIC based DDS module
DDS - demo
DDS links

DDS-based (or PPC synthesised) ARBs - instruments
   Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG), Waveform Generators (WG),
   Arbitrary Function Generators (AFG), Synthesized Function Generators (SFG) or
   Function Generators (FG) ...
          Choosing a waveform generator : the devil is in the details ( htm format)
            Making waves:
Eight years later , details still matter ( html format)
            Unwrapping wireless signals ( html format)
AWG design -

   Agilent -
         The ABC`s of Arb Wfm Gen
       Mathcad and HP (Agilent) BenchLink Generate Multisine Test Function (Zs. Papay)
         Experiments in Gaussian White-noise generation (Zs. Papay)
    Analogic -
    BK Precision -
    BNC -
    Conex -
        Compact audio frequency generator (RX-11)
    Fluke - (Signal Sources)
    GW -
    Geotest - (DDS signal gen)
    Global Specialities -
    Hameg -
    Int Data Sci -
    NI -
    PC Instruments -
    Pragmatic -
        AWG - How it works
    PTS -
    Racal -
    Ramsey -   (RSG 1000)
    Signametrics -
    SRS -
        What is Direct Digital Synthesis?
    Tecstar Electronics -   (FGA 2030)
    Tektronix -
        XYZ`s of Signal Sources
    TTi -
        TrueArb _vs_DDSArb
    VXI Technology -   (VM3640)

    Yokogawa -
    TMword -
        ( PC-Based Instr/Cards  |  Stand-Alone Test Instr )
    TestMart -
        (Function ArbitraryWaveform generators)