Security in Embedded Systems

Dr. Buttyán Levente
Nagy Roland

Embedded systems consists of special purpose embedded computers connected with networks, and nowadays, they are not isolated from the public Internet. Hence, embedded systems are subject to attacks originating from cyberspace. In the CrySyS Lab, we are working on making embedded systems secure and resistant to attacks. A particular domain of interest is malware detection on embedded IoT devices. We poposed a lightweigth, yet effective malware detection mechanism, called SIMBIoTA, which can be used on resource constrained embedded devices. We are looking for students interested in improving SIMBIoTA and comparing its capabilities to other malware detection approaches. We also have a large IoT malware dataset that we use for research purposes. Students can work on enhancing this dataset, e.g., by developing visualization tools for it. In addition, we are also interested in topics like hacking existing IoT platforms, binary program analysis techniques, the analysis of the TLS protocol and the visualization of some known attacks on it, as well as on side-channel attacks on post-quantum cryptographic schemes.