IoT System Management and Supervision

Dr. Farkas Károly

Thanks to the increasing number of connected IoT devices more and more approaches and solutions have been appearing on the market for storing, analyzing and retransmitting the data generated by these devices. However the management, supervision and security aspects of IoT systems attract less attention, although these aspects should be handled with high importance.

NETvisor Ltd., an SME in the domain of ICT systems integration in Hungary, is working on a project called SmartPole, which is a modular IoT system built around a lighting pole and composed of various sensors and other modules, such as e-vehicle charger, surveillance camera, LED billboard, etc., according to the customers’ need. In this project, the above mentioned issues have to be also addressed, thus the smart poles need to be shipped with a common management interface providing access to local management functions and data retrieval, and the components must be secured against malicious access.

The candidate’s task is to design and implement these local management and data retrieval functions, the management interface and the security procedures. Thus, in the frame of the master thesis work the following tasks have to be completed:

  • Overview the SmartPole project and the need for IoT system management and supervision in general;
  • Compare the protocols used for management purposes and data transmission in IoT environments;
  • Design and implement a local gateway component which dynamically keeps track of the connected modules of the smart pole and provides an integrated API for data retrieval and management purposes;
  • Examine the gateway OS, and propose and implement the necessary modifications to protect it against malevolent access;
  • Test and validate the implemented solutions.