Design, Implementation and Testing of a Benchmarking Program for IPv6 Transition Technologies

Dr. Lencse Gábor

This MSc thesis description has been prepared for Alexandru Moise, an MSc student, who has already working on this topic since September 2019.

 RFC 8219 has defined a standard benchmarking methodology for the performance analysis of IPv6 transition technologies. The candidate should design, implement, test and also document an RFC 8219 compliant Tester program for benchmarking the most important IPv4aaS (IPv4 as a Service) technologies (464XLAT, DS-Lite, Lw4o6, MAP-E, MAP-T). As for benchmarking SIIT (also called stateless NAT64) implementations, there is an RFC 8219 compliant tester, siitperf: https://github.com/lencsegabor/siitperf. Its design and source code may be reused under the GPLv3 license.

 Tasks to be performed by the student will include:

  • Summarize the specification of the throughput, frame loss rate, latency, PDV, IPDV, back-to-back frame, system recovery and reset tests on the basis of the relevant RFCs.
  • Carry out an object oriented design of the Tester.
  • Implement the Tester in C++ using the Intel Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK).
  • Carry out the functional and performance testing of the Tester using the supplied StarBED resources (http://starbed.nict.go.jp/en/equipment/, n011, n012 and n13 nodes).
  • Document all the above.
  • Publish the Tester under a free software license (e.g. GPL) in a public repository (e.g. GitHub).