5. PARIPA Szakmai Est

Időpont: december 18, 17h

Helyszín: BMEInformatika Épület, IB110 terem


Balazs Kuti and Daniel Varga (Morgan Stanley): Reliability Engineering - working across global infrastructure teams


IT systems are complex, comprised of many interconnected components and platforms. They break in complex ways. Cross platform knowledge is essential in complex incidents. Lexical knowledge is not enough, there’s no point remembering and learning exact steps. Better to find patterns in the chaos that leads to answers and resolution. E.g. reviewing a packet capture with 20 000 packets one by one will not help, reviewing patterns of traffic and understanding why things happen will take you to the issue / solution.

What do you do, when an “application is slow”? How do you respond to sporadic problems which cannot be easily reproduced? What happens when there are no clear pointers where the problem could be, business functions are impacted and a solution is necessary despite individuals responsible for the end to end system are scattered across three continents?

Members of our cross discipline development team will discuss new approaches to investigate and solve these intricate IT problems breaking out of the strict organizational boundaries. They will also walk you through real life outages and reveal the thought process they were following during the investigation. In addition to getting a practical refresher on core infrastructure and protocols, you’ll also learn, just because a change worked a number of times it will not necessarily work again.


Short biography:

Daniel joined Morgan Stanley 12 years ago, worked in Windows Server Operations, then in Unix Engineering for HPC Grids, in Budapest, New York and London. Currently he leads a virtual group of senior infrastructure cross-discipline experts from around the globe.

Balazs joined Morgan Stanley 11 years ago from the telecom industry and is the lead of the Windows Server Operations team in EMEA which is part of a global Operations organization within End User Technologies. Balazs’ team is responsible for the daily operation of the firm’s production Windows Server infrastructure including Windows Server OS, Active Directory, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop platforms, remote computing technologies, configuration management and monitoring systems.

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