PARIPA Szakmai Est


Időpont: február 13, 17h


Helyszín: BME Informatika Épület, IB210 terem

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Ahmed Yehia Elsayed (Technology Director at Vodafone Hungary)

Improving lives with the help of 5G technology

Ahmed will guide you to a world where technology has a much more elevated role as technological innovation can make the world and human lives better.

Ahmed is well aware of the significance and impact of this, as he was the IT manager of a project in Kenya that has made more than 28 million human lives easier. The application called M-Pesa (Mobile-Money) provides money transfer options for the poorest people as well and it’s completely independent of the moblie device types people use. By now through M-Pesa as money is transferred through the app as the 50% of Kenya's GDP. The project also demonstrates that technology has no borders and does not require the latest tools. During the presentation you will hear about the biggest challenges of the 4 year project and how can the app count more than 28 million people users today.


Then, from the past, we move into the present and into the world of 5G. During the evening you will learn about 5G’s key industries, and how it will have an effect on our lives.

See you at the PARIPA Professional Event where you can get to know how we can shape the future together!

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