Publication of Scientific Papers

Course ID: VIHIAV44

Instructors: Dr. Peter A. Kara and Prof. László Bokor

Official link: https://portal.vik.bme.hu/kepzes/targyak/VIHIAV44/en/

As written on the official link of the course, the goal of the lectures is to enable an in-depth understanding of the lifecycle of scientific papers, from the perspectives of both the authors and the reviewers. By completing the course, the student shall be able to:

  • identify appropriate scientific venues (i.e., journals and conferences),
  • specify the necessary data to be submitted regarding the contribution,
  • compose journal and conference papers,
  • handle the submission procedure,
  • rate scientific papers,
  • competently present at conferences (i.e., talks and posters), and
  • manage the long-term presence of published papers.

Should you have any question regarding the course, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Peter A. Kara via kara@hit.bme.hu