Network Traffic Flow Audification

Dr. Pekár Adrián

Audification is an auditory display technique representing a sequence of data values as sound. It is described as a direct translation of a data waveform to the audible domain. Audification interprets a data sequence, usually a time series, as an audio waveform where input data are mapped to sound pressure levels. Various signal processing techniques are used to assess data features. The technique allows the listener to hear periodic components as frequencies. Audification typically requires large data sets with periodic components.

Audification is most commonly applied to get the most direct and simple representation of sound data and convert it into a visual. In most cases, it will always be used to make sounds and break them down so we can visually understand them and construct more data from them.

The task of the student is network traffic flow audification. In the course of the work, the student will learn about the techniques of network traffic measurement, how to analyse and use the measured data, and the most popular methods for audification. Building on the knowledge acquired, the student will provide solutions for network traffic flow audification.